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The innovations

The Kurpfalz innovators include not only scientists only natural scientists such as Christian Mayer,  Johann Jakob Hemmer, Karl Friedrich Schimper, Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff as well as engineers and technicians such as Hugo Stotz, Carl Bosch Bosch, Ludwig Roebel, and Karl Friedrich Marguerre, but also artists such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Friedrich Schiller and the art historian art historian Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub.

Doctors such as Albert Fraenkel, Otto F. Meyerhof, Bert Sakmann and Harald zur Hausen stand for progress in the field of medicine and Max Weber Weber for the foundation of modern sociology. The list is long, and is by no means by no means limited to the past. Rather modern innovations can also be found on it.

"It is fascinating to see the variety of of very different creative inventions and ideas and ideas have their origins in the Kurpfalz region. region. Could there be a better place to make this clear than the path in front of the Palace, which is home to the University of Mannheim? The Palatinate Mile of Innovation is not only an ornament for the city and an important cultural monument, but also an an incentive and motivation for teaching staff and students at the University of Mannheim to continue the tradition of innovation through new creative inventions and ideas in the future."
Prof. Dr. Edgar Erdfelder as Vice Dean of the University of Mannheim.

The stele was donated by the "Kurpfälzer Meile der Innovations e.V.": Paul Buchert, Fritz-Jochen Weber, Roswitha Henz-Best, Egon Manz, Jörg Oswald, Norbert Leidig, Helmut Wetzel Leidig, Helmut Wetzel and Christian Kirchgässner.

The artistic design and technical realization of the bronze panels was in the hands of Galerie Mandos-Feldmann Gallery.

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