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Kurpfälzer Meile der Innovationen e.V.

Our region is rich in bright minds. For centuries, numerous discoveries and inventions have been made here that changed our world and still shape it today. It is time to honor these innovations. Our association  will commemorate the achievements of inventors and discoverers with a "Mile of Innovations".

The Mile of Innovations is intended to promote a sense of "we" and a willingness to identify with the history of our region and its economic, technical and cultural diversity. By looking at famous role models, it can strengthen the will to achieve, especially among young people, as well as the innovativeness and future viability of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.


Fritz-Jochen Weber, Member of the Executive Board of JobRouter AG, Mannheim



Roswitha Henz-Best, Attorney at Law, Mannheim

Egon Manz, Retired Member of the Main Police Staff Council

Honorary Chairman

Paul Buchert, Old Town Councillor (Mannheim)

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