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Invitation to the laying of the Siemens bronze plate

We are very pleased to invite you to the laying of the 3rd bronze plaque to the right of the entrance to Mannheim Castle (Ehrenhof) on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm.


It is dedicated to the world's first electric elevator, which Werner von Siemens presented to the astonished public in 1880 at the Pfalzgau Exhibition near Mannheim Castle. The bronze plate was donated by Siemens AG, Mannheim branch.

In the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, numerous discoveries and inventions were made in the past centuries that changed our world and still shape it today.

Our association "Kurpfälzer Meile der Innovationen e. V.", founded in 2015, has set itself the goal of commemorating the significant achievements and paying tribute to the inventors and discoverers with the "Mile of Innovations". In this way, we also want to encourage people to identify with the history of our region and its economic, technical and cultural diversity, and hope that the memory of the numerous pioneering deeds will motivate further innovations.

We thank our sponsor